Why your way to success starts with Nextview

Nextview – the Design and Tech Company – is flourishing. Recently we welcomed our 100th employee and we’ve also been awarded and recognized as a Great Place To Work for the 4th year in a row. Without our highly valued employees, we would not be able to reach these milestones. That’s why investing in talent and growth is one of our top priorities. We asked Thomas Neuhäuser, Manager of Staff, to tell us more about what fascinates him most about his job at Nextview.

Thomas Neuhäuser – Manager of Staff

Growing quickly
Nextview is growing really fast. But we would not be Nextview if we do not always strive to be better and grow faster. We want to be an organisation where employees have trust in the people they work with, are proud of what they do and have fun with the people they collaborate with. That’s why we have several values that are very important for us.

These are:

  • We simply deliver excellence;
  • We do business with our hearts;
  • We work as friends.

According to Thomas: “As an organisation we always strive to do better. We are going at a high pace, but still we are a family. This mixture is unique and hard to find. That’s also why we have been able to build such a strong culture. But in order to be able to grow and still remain all that we have accomplished so far, we need to attract the right people and to get them on board.”

Salesforce Master’s program
That is why Nextview collaborates with Salesforce on a new project. This is a Salesforce Master’s program in Information and Technology Management. During this study program students will not only gain technical and management knowledge, but also combine this with Salesforce skills as well as getting relevant work experience. We are one of the first Salesforce partners that has been supporting this Master’s program from the start. The program allows students to become an in-demand professional which prepares them for their next role.

Talent is a mindset
Anyone with a bachelor’s degree can sign up for the program. Thomas explains: “Even if you don’t have any knowledge about IT or consulting, there is absolutely no reason not to join the study. That’s exactly what this program will help us with”, Thomas says. “We don’t see talent as a defined concept. For us, talent is a mindset. Therefore there’s no such thing as the right study background or working experience. In the end, we want to have highly qualified Salesforce consultants with the right mindset.”

Left to right: Nienke van Es, Sanne Metsemakers, Thomas Neuhäuser, Esther Bakker

Open and proactive
But what is this right mindset he is talking about? Thomas explains: “First of all, you should be open to newness. At Nextview we work in an open environment with an open culture that you have probably not seen anywhere before.” Nextview also appreciates proactivity. “Please don’t be afraid to ask questions”, Thomas says. “Only by asking can you get to know your way around. That’s why we’re really looking for people that are eager to learn. That’s crucial in a scale up company like Nextview. You have to quickly pick up skills and activities and put things together. That’s also why we started this study program.”

We are evolving
“We are not set in stone”, Thomas continues. “That’s what we all enjoy: continuously evolving ourselves as we want to get better each day. This means that not only our people, but also our whole organisation needs to improve on a daily basis. And that’s why someone’s ideas will always be heard on every level within the organisation. Because every suggestion might be the golden idea that takes us to the next level.”

Our people are our top priority
“As a company our priorities are crystal clear. Our people are our number one priority. This is reflected by how we always try to involve them by asking a lot of questions about how they’re doing, what we can improve as a company and what we should keep doing. Because as management, you cannot make decisions on your own. Input from colleagues is crucial. Feedback is highly valued so therefore, we really want people to feel free to share their thoughts, opinions and ideas. With this Master’s Programme we hope to find the persons with the right mindset. So that we will be able to not only grow as a company, but also maintain our strong culture in its current form. Because that’s what makes Nextview such an amazing and unique organisation to work for.”

The company name says it all: we are doing things differently! With a new approach to topics. That is why we are looking for talented people who can identify with a scaling up company in which diversity and individuality are highly valued. “Our goal is to inspire our colleagues, clients and partners on a daily basis.” Thomas mentioned.