Celebration time: 100 employees and a Great Place to Work for the fourth year in a row

Nextview is unlike any other consultancy firm. Anyone who is even slightly familiar with us, knows that we like to do things in a different, innovative way. Completely in style with this, we could not let our milestone of one hundred employees go by unnoticed. We went big on Friday 10 June: we celebrated – at a distance – with a livestream by international DJ La Fuente. Our employees, customers and partners received a cocktail package to get the party started at home. Yassine Ezhar, Senior Consultant and proud 100th employee of Nextview, and Nienke van Es, Senior Staff Manager, take you back to our party.

DJ La Fuente @ High Tech Campus Eindhoven – Photo credits Mae Rutten (LA FUENTE B.V)

Big set up

The title “100th employee” is one you don’t get at every new job you start. But someone had to be the 100th and at Nextview Yassine had this honor. “I am thrilled and honored to call myself the 100th employee of Nextview. It’s a special title,” says Yassine. “Of course, the Nextview 100 party was a great start of my career. They really took it to another level. Arranging a DJ like La Fuente is not easy. It was a great evening and several people in my network reached out to me because of it,” says Yassine.

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Unprecedented growth

Nienke agrees: “The party was a great success. In addition to the live stream, we set up a Google Meet room and a wonder.me room where people could chat with each other. More than 200 colleagues, customers and partners took part in this evening, which resulted in many positive reactions. Really cool.” Nienke started at Nextview five years ago. Back then, she was allowed to call herself the twentieth employee. That number has increased fivefold in five years. “Over the last years, Nextview has experienced unprecedented growth. That is quite an achievement that we have all worked hard for. We are a fantastic team and I am very proud of that.”

Yassine Ezhar & Nienke van Es (Picture by House of Yellow)

Work hard, play hard

“The idea behind the Nextview 100 party was ‘we celebrate together’, which is one of our principles,” says Nienke. “Our core values ​​– we work as friends, we simply deliver excellence and we do business with our heart – are in our DNA. We also see our core values reflected in the type of person who feels called upon to come and work for us. Everyone works extremely hard and is helpful. At the same time, we think it is very important to celebrate successes and to be transparent with each other. Not only with our colleagues, but also towards our customers and partners.”

Huub Waterval – CEO & Founder Nextview (Picture by House of Yellow)

Huub Waterval, CEO of Nextview: “We celebrated the milestone of hiring our 100th employee in our own unique way. We can be very proud of our current position. We are not only proud of Nextview itself, but also of our customers and our collaboration with Salesforce. As an organization, we distinguish ourselves with the things we do, but especially with how we do them. Nextview is not just a company, it is a means to bring about positive change.”

Great Place to Work

Next to hiring the 100th employee, there was even more reason to celebrate as Nextview has been awarded the title Great Place to Work for the fourth year in a row. Nienke: “We are very happy and proud that we have once again been chosen as a Great Place to Work. We believe it is important to reflect our values ​​in our work. This means, among other things, that we really try to establish a family feeling, that we attach great importance to personal development and that we contribute to meaningful, social initiatives. The fact that we are a Great Place to Work for the fourth time, and have even risen from place eight to four last year, shows that our employees also put emphasis on these values.”

(Picture by House of Yellow)

Yassine feels the same way. “Although I’ve only been at Nextview for a short time, it feels like a warm blanket. I am already noticing that Nextview’s values ​are reflected in the workplace and are displayed by my colleagues. The culture is extremely open, proactivity and ideas are very much appreciated. There is a lot of personal attention and despite everyone being very busy, they are all ready to help if needed. That is something I have not experienced before.”

Looking forward

With these two great achievements under their belt, Yassine and Nienke are looking forward to the future. Yassine: “I’m really looking forward to seeing Nextview grow further and to work with my colleagues on fun and interesting Salesforce projects to take our services to a higher level.” Moreover, the party left Yassine and Nienke wanting for more. “Although I do hope that this was the last online party and that we can physically meet again next time,” Nienke says smilingly.

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