Nextview supports Women in Tech NL and Female Tech Heroes

To boost diversity, we support and inspire our people to participate in communities as ‘Female Tech Heroes’, ‘Salesforce Amsterdam WIT’ and ‘Women in Tech NL’. These specific communities may help women to grow in their tech careers, but in the end, it also helps to grow the entire tech industry by creating awareness.

Communities for supporting and inspiring women
For tech companies it’s not always given to be as diverse as we would like. For this reason a few women, who are working in this area, created specific communities to support and inspire the women who are working in tech. A lot of our people are contributing or attending the several conferences which are hosted by Salesforce Amsterdam WIT, Female Tech Heroes and Women in Tech NL.

“Female Tech Heroes is a platform that brings people together, creates awareness in the media (for example by putting female and male role models in the spotlight) and exerts a positive influence on, for example, the diversity policy of companies.“

Together we can change the numbers
It would be great to change the figures together. Less than 20 percent is currently working in tech. Being and acting together can make a difference, we can teach and learn a lot from our peers and also having fun doing this. So join us in the community, present your story or learnings in your job.