Recruitment process

When you apply for a position at Nextview, you automatically enter our recruitment process. Do we see a fit after reviewing your application? Then we’ll move ahead with the first step of the process! Should this not be the case, then of course we’ll inform you accordingly. Our recruitment process consists of four steps, which are described below.

Step 1:

Phone Interview

We start off with a phone interview for an initial introduction of Nextview and the position you have shown interest in. Of course we want to find out more about the reasons why you would like to join Nextview. If we both see the opportunity ahead, we’ll schedule a first interview at one of our Design Thinking Centers either in Amsterdam or in Eindhoven. In preparation of the first interview we would like you to read our Culture Audit. Optionally we’ll ask you to take the Salesforce Knowledge challenge, a hands-on exercise on a fictional Salesforce implementation.

Step 2:

First Interview

The first interview is with one of our Practice Leads and a colleague from the team. We’ll try to have you interviewed by the Practice Lead of the team that you’ll potentially land in. This interview is primarily focused on your skills and experience around the three topics of Salesforce: Technology, Consultancy and Process/Industry knowledge. Of course we’ll provide you with a lot more background information about Nextview, the culture and our colleagues. Have you taken the Salesforce Challenge? Then it’s time to show us your skills. You’ll present to us how you have tackled the challenge, which choices you made and why. If we both agree that we see a good fit, we’ll proceed to the second interview. In preparation of the second interview we’ll ask you to fill out the Profile Dynamics test. Not a matter of good or bad, but a way to find out how you cooperate, how adaptable you are and which leadership style fits you best. We’ll ask you for an indication on your compensation and benefits as well.

Step 3:

Second Interview

The second interview will be with the Management Director and another Management Team member, and will mainly focus on the cultural fit based on the Profile Dynamics test. Your compensation and benefits are discussed as well in this interview, all to make sure that if we proceed we can make a to-the-point offer.

Step 4:

Final Interview

The third interview will be with Huub Waterval, Founder and CEO of Nextview. In this meeting Huub will do his checks and balances on you, knowing the company as founder inside-out. He’ll also share the compensation and benefits offer, with the intent of course to shake hands and to welcome you to Nextview shortly afterwards!