Great Place to Work’
for 4 years in a row

Wow your day by joining us. Enter a working environment that helps you thrive. Nextview has been awarded and recognized as a ‘Great Place to Work’ for 4 years in a row. To us, this means our employees have trust in the people they work with, are proud of what they do and have fun with the people they collaborate with. Let us know what is to you.

Why our colleagues love to work with us

quote Ewa

“If you are looking for a place to work where you can grow, enjoy challenge and create your own career path Nextview is place to be”

Ewa, Senior Salesforce Consultant
quote Pieter

“Driven by ambition, opportunity and entrepreneurship, Nextview will pursue to unleash the potential of every individual working at or working with Nextview”

Pieter, Industry Lead Professional Services & Utilities

“Very extensive Salesforce and Design Thinking knowledge, open, honest and exciting way of working, kind colleagues, close ties with the management team and plenty of development opportunities”

At Nextview we see and live the value of diversity

Waving a rainbow flag at Pride, posting a black square and saying “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas”, is not enough to show solidarity with marginalised groups. Simply putting "We stand for diversity and tolerance" on our website is insufficient as well. We want to ally with all underrepresented groups, whether it be BIPOC, the LGBTQ+ community, and/or people living with any form of stigma.

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Nextview travel program

Imagine your Nextview career as a lifetime, once you sign your employment agreement you’ll get started. In your Nextview lifetime, you’ll go on different journeys. These journeys represent a path you’re taking from a certain point in your career to a next point. You’ll get the help of travel guides that will inspire you in these journeys. And of course, there will be souvenirs to remind you of the journeys you took in the past.

Download our Nextview WOW eBook

What is written in eBook is central to everything we do at Nextview. But it’s not a strict handbook. We trust you to use your common sense and make your own decisions, together with your co-workers, using the values and principles described here as a guide.

Nextview WOW
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